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While my formal education is in public health, with specific experience in infectious disease control and community health education, I have a passion for yoga and its numerous health benefits, mental and physical. I have been practicing yoga for over ten years now. During this time I've come to understand the numerous benefits yoga can bestow on practitioners. My goal in life is to share these wonderful physical and mental health benefits to everyone, showing that yoga can truly be for anyone. Teaching yoga to children is key in this goal as it is my way of helping create positive change in future generations. Yoga is not about reaching a pose, it’s about creating space and opening your mind to the possibilities the universe offers.



After completing her 200 hour Yoga teacher training with Yoga Tree in San Francisco Marianne had the honor to study with Jason Crandell for her 500 hour certificate. Going to India where she started studying Radiant Body Yoga with Kia Miller, dived her deeper into the subtler aspects of pranayama, kriya, mantra and meditation.  Growing up on a wonderful, slightly crazy, organic farm in the South of Germany, still influences her life and her teaching. Marianne´s classes focus on breath and alignment to keep our bodies safe, strong and healthy while maintaining a deep connection to the breath and our deepest self. Teaching her students to skillfully use their bodies: sweat, breathe and break boundaries together. She seeks to help them to thrive in life by nurturing body, mind and soul with yoga, so they step off the mat feeling balanced and live their life to the fullest, most creative and radiant potential.



Masha was first connected with yoga as a college student at UC Santa Barbara. She received her 200hr teacher training in Santa Cruz, CA, under the direction of Kenny Graham and Hannah Muse. She is interested in yoga as a healing experience for both the physical body and the emotional mind. Masha’s classes incorporate a fusion of meditative breath awareness, fluid body movement and mindful exploration. Her classes are nurturing, as students are encouraged to explore what feels good within their own body. Masha draws her inspiration from being in nature and connecting with people. In addition to yoga, she finds peace in hiking, drinking tea, and creating photographs. She is deeply grateful for her many teachers and students who have inspired her personal growth and teaching each and every day.



Rashmi was introduced to yoga at a young age, as yoga and meditation were deeply integrated into her cultural background. She started practicing yoga (asana) formally in college at UC Irvine in 2012 where she learned yoga as a healing modality for trauma. Through pure passion to bring healing for all, she has received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Denaya Dailey,Trauma Informed Yoga Training through Zabie Yamasaki, Teen Training through R.I.S.E Yoga for Youth, Rainbow Kids Yoga, and Mini Yoga Club certification. She believes children are the future and through yoga and meditation, each of them will find peace and ease in their lives.  She believes children are the future and through yoga and meditation, each of them will find peace and ease in their lives. 


 Polly Ann

Polly is a certified yoga teacher and is passionate about teaching yoga to young children. She loves the spirit of closeness and connection that yoga brings. She has instructed yoga and meditation all over the U.S. for nearly 10 years. She is delighted to share this special practice.  Polly Ann is also an Occupational Therapist, a wife and the mother of two outstanding sons. She weaves the art of yoga into her daily life as a mom, and she eagerly looks forward to sharing this ancient wisdom with your children ! 

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It all started for Alyssa in 2010 while she was pursuing a Master’s degree at U.C. Berkeley studying Community Mental Health in the School of Social Welfare.  She began taking yoga classes to relieve stress and was enchanted by the clarity, peace and self-acceptance she was experiencing.   Alyssa continued her yoga practice until she gave birth to her little goddess in 2013.  Soon after returning to work as a School-based Therapist, she decided to reunite with her yoga practice to obtain a more grounded and confident presence for her child.  It was during this time she decided to deepen her practice through yoga teacher training and became a 200-hour certified Yoga Instructor.  Alyssa realized that the journey to achieving “whole-body wellness” begins at a young age and the practice of yoga increases focus, sense of peace and self-acceptance of children as well.  It is through this lens that Alyssa guides children on and off of their mats. 




Tori is a 200 hour RYT Certified Yoga teacher and has been applying this training to her teaching with children since 2015. She sees excitement, curiosity and great potential in every child.  Her practice style and passion focuses on connection, community, and play. She believes that yoga is the ultimate teaching tool to develop physical and emotional well-being  for adults and children alike.   



Jamie was inspired to teach yoga for kids by the positive effects of yoga on her life. She recognizes that the secret to health and happiness truly does lie within each and every one of us. After nearly 30 years of working in business strategy and communication in Silicon Valley, she embarked on a new career, dedicating herself to empowering humans of all ages with tools and skills to discover their own super powers, and respond to life’s challenges in constructive ways. Jamie earned her 200-hour RYT certification from the College of San Mateo in 2017, and certificates to teach yoga to children from Cosmic Kids, RISE Yoga for Youth, and Mini Yoga Club. She is also certified by White Crow Yoga as an Aqua Yoga instructor, and holds an MBA from Santa Clara University.